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Accompanied by an award winning guide, you can enjoy the familiar and the not so familiar sights of the World's greatest city!

Choose from a selection of walks or have your walk tailor made to suit your particular interests.

London is a world city, but did you know it began nearly 2,000 years ago when the Romans founded a small settlement on the banks of the tidal River Thames....'the City's Artery'. The City of London covering just 1 square mile or 2.6km2 developed to become the heart of London's financial and business district. Home to such landmarks as St Paul's Cathedral, the Bank of England, the medieval Guildhall and more recently the iconic 'Gherkin'.

The City of Westminster is almost 1,000 years younger. It began as a small settlement on the marshy Thorney Island, which, in the 11th century became home to Westminster Abbey. The area is now synonymous with royalty, politics and government, drawing visitors to see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and the cosmopolitan Covent Garden.

We all know London's major attractions, but there are many, many streets, alleyways and hidden gems to be explored.

St Pauls Cethedral The Houses of Parliment Red phone box